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Created on: 16 May 2023 09:20
Type: Feature Request
Add Report Schema Versioning Information in the Report Designers and Error Messages Related to Version Mismatch

There is a common error message received often after upgrading Telerik Reporting:

Unable to get report parameters. An error has occurred. Cannot read a document with the specified schema: http://schemas.telerik.com/reporting/2023/1.1. You might be using an older version of the product.

Obviously, I have a mismatch between the new report that I created and the deployed Reporting application. To create the report that is generating this error, I copied from an existing (and working) report.  Only changed the Stored Proc being called and a few field names.  Everything else is the same.

Except -- (OBVIOUSLY) -- when I saved the report -- the Designer changed the schema version. 

You need a way in the DESIGNER to display the schema version of the report. If these reports are TRDP then I don't see an obvious way of viewing the schema version of the report. I opened both reports in the designer and tried to find a way to view the schema versions of a working versus non-working report.  So that, I could determine which version of the designer that I need to drop back to (in order to create my copy of an existing report).

In your error message, you could easily provide additional detail but do not. You just say "product". Obviously, you know this but you don't report it to user.  For example, you could say -- "This report has schema version xx.xxx.xx but the Reporting Engine can only run reports of schema version yy.yyy.yy and below" or something to that affect.  Good error messages would go a long way to avoiding this frustration.

Posted on: 23 May 2023 14:39

Todor --

Excellent!!!  Looking forward to having those features in the new Report Designer when released.

Posted on: 23 May 2023 08:44

Hello Dennis,

After a discussion within the team, we decided to make the following changes regarding the schema displayed in the Report Designers:

  • Show warning when opening/saving old reports with the new designer
  • Show the schema version in the ABOUT dialog of Report Designer (Standalone and Web)
  • Show the Report Schema of the report as a read-only design-time property in Properties Grid

Progress Telerik

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Posted on: 17 May 2023 18:22

Basically, I (as a User) need to know (preferably, by the Report Designer) when the Schema Version of the Report (I've Opened) and the Report Designer (I've Opened the Report in) don't match up.

The earlier I know this -- the easier it is to deal with from a User standpoint.  Getting an error after I've redeployed the report to run time is the worst time to know.

In my last comment, I referenced a KB article that (perhaps) Telerik could go a little further with this.  But from my thread with Todor, I understand, that is a much bigger ask.  In addition, the User most likely doesn't need that IF we can get notified by the Report Designer that we've opened a Report that doesn't match the Designer's Schema Version.


Over the top ask...

I consider this something like opening an XLS in Excel which prefers XLSX.  Excel allows me to work with both and keep them in their original format.  But, the Telerik Report Designer (which if your customers are using Telerik Reporting then they are heavily relying on) doesn't work like this at all --- and, by extension, causes run time errors by doing so.  Not design time errors -- but run time errors.  The worst kind for the Users' customers to experience.

This is obviously an ongoing issue or Telerik wouldn't have a KB article that is part of the DOCS about it.

Posted on: 16 May 2023 17:42

Where to display the Schema Version of the Open Report in the Report Designer?


I am attaching a screen shot from the Designer.  It would be great if the Schema Version property for the Report would be displayed in the Settings section of the Properties panel.  Currently, only DocumentName resides here, SchemaVersion could be added -- as well as any other "hidden" properties that are meaningful for the Report that aren't visible to the Developer.

If this were done then it would be easy for a User to open multiple reports and compare Schema Version(s) of multiple open Reports.

In addition, if it weren't just a read-only Property but a read-write Property then you could greatly improve the process for resolving Schema Version issues as described in the following KB article (from Telerik's website).


Open reports created with a newer version of the Standalone Report Designer


I think by approaching the issue in this manner, Telerik/Progress could improve a pain point that many Developers that rely on Telerik Reporting currently encounter.