Last Updated: 14 Jul 2024 01:06 by Adam-ACS
Release R2 2023
Created on: 25 Apr 2023 15:05
Type: Bug Report
TOC page numbers and total PageCount are incorrect in some scenarios
In certain scenarios when a report has both a Table of Contents (TOC) and multiple nested SubReports, the calculated page numbers displayed in the TOC and the total page count are incorrect.
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Posted on: 14 Jul 2024 01:06

Setting the editor fontsize to 1 helps with this scenario, though it doesn't fix it.

editor.CharacterFormatting.FontSize.LocalValue = Telerik.Windows.Documents.Media.Unit.PointToDip(1);

Telerik.Windows.Documents.Flow.Model.Fields.FieldInfo tocField = editor.InsertField("TC \"1.0\tINTRODUCTION\" \\f a \\l 1 \\h", "Ā«resultĀ»");

editor.CharacterFormatting.FontSize.LocalValue = Telerik.Windows.Documents.Media.Unit.PointToDip(11);