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Created on: 10 Mar 2023 05:16
Type: Feature Request
Security Vulnerability - Add an export parameter to Excel (xls & xlsx) exports to escape Macros
A security vulnerability with Excel exports from Telerik Reporting is Macro Injection attacks.
This regularly raises flags during security audits.
Essentially users can create data in the system that will appear in a cell of the report, and execute as a macro and allow running custom code on the computers of anyone who opens the xls or xlsx file.

Currently there is a setting to protect Telerik's exports CSV exports ("FormulaPrefix")

The same setting should be introduced for Excel (xls & xlsx) exports.
It should be another parameter of the xls/xlsx export extensions

Ivan Ivanov
Posted on: 16 Mar 2023 13:29

Hi Tim,

We recognize this feedback, so I have logged an issue in our tracking system to mitigate this behavior in a way similar to the CSV options. I am adding 1000 Telerik points as a token of gratitude for your effort. We will do our best to include this setting in our next major release, but still you can subscribe to the item that I created on you behalf, in order to get notified of any future updates.

Ivan Ivanov
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Posted on: 10 Mar 2023 05:21
Here is an overview of this attack vector and suggested remediation approaches: