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Created on: 03 Aug 2022 10:10
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WebReportDesigner Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'fn')

I am trying to get a basic example of the Web Report Designer working following the guide here but I keep getting this error message

in the console, I can see these errors

here is the razor page that contains the WebReportDesigner

@page "/report-designer"

@attribute [Authorize]

@using Telerik.WebReportDesigner.Blazor

<WebReportDesigner DesignerId="wrd1"
                   ToolboxArea="new ToolboxAreaOptions() { Layout = ToolboxAreaLayout.List }"
                   PropertiesArea="new PropertiesAreaOptions() { Layout = PropertiesAreaLayout.Categorized }" />

Any assistance would be appreciated

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Posted on: 10 Aug 2022 08:30

Hello Stewart,

We have experienced a similar error in the past and back then it was related to jQuery not being loaded on the page at all or incorrectly.

I advise going through the Adding the Blazor Web Report Designer component section of the linked article and making sure that jQuery is referenced first. I also suggest using the link for jQuery from that section as other CDNs tend to not be available more often than the GoogleAPIs link and that could be the root of the issue.

Another important thing is that if you are currently referencing jQuery locally, make sure that the full version is used and not the slim build of jQuery.

I have created a support ticket for you where we may discuss the problem if further assistance is needed.

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