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Created on: 20 Jun 2022 10:23
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Telerik report is showing error

Telerik report is showing error -

Method Name: Telerik.reporting.PictureBox.Set_Value - Parameter is not valid. 

 Above highlighted line gives an error during component initialize.

It was working earlier, but now showing this error, even there is no code change. Please help.


Your help is highly appreciated.

Jeetendra Kumar


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Posted on: 28 Jun 2022 09:29

Hi Todor,

Thanks for your reply. Your provided information is really helpful.

Now we are able to resolve this issue.




Posted on: 23 Jun 2022 11:52

Hello Jeetendra,

The highlighted code line looks like the automatically generated code in the Visual Studio Report Designer for assigning an embedded image to the PictureBox 'picBox1'. The image is kept in the resource (.resx) file of the Report class. I tried the scenarios with a missing .resx file, or with the name of the image asset changed. In the first case, I received a different error stating that there was no resource file, and in the second the image was not displayed. Therefore, I assume that the problem is different.

I suspect that something may have happened to the image. For example, it may have become corrupted. Note that the GDI (System.Drawing) is throwing the error when trying to obtain the image raw value. You may try to set the image in the Report 'picBox1' again to make sure this is not the case.

I noticed that you have referenced an old Reporting version, Did you try to upgrade to a more recent release? Is the issue reproducible there?

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