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Created on: 01 Jun 2022 19:58
Type: Feature Request
Export subReport


It would be necessary to have a way to export a sub-report to a trdx file with the designer. Also, the same tool could be used to import a sub-report into an XML source. Currently, it takes a lot of acrobatics to be able to do this work.

Thank you for your help!

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Posted on: 08 Jun 2022 08:05

Hello Patrick,

Generally, the subreport is a separate report definition that may be treated as any other report. You may convert it from CS/VB to TRDP/X report and vice versa. Here are links to the relevant articles from our Documentation:

Can you elaborate on the requested feature and the scenario that would require it? How exactly would you like to export the subreports? Do you mean to export them from the main report? In what cases do you need this? Why can't you export them to TRDX from their own report definitions?

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