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Created on: 28 Mar 2022 19:20
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ReportViewer for .NET MAUI

Hi Team,

I know it's a bit early to be asking for this, but I wanted to get a feature request on the backlog so it's trackable.

Currently, you already have a ReportViewer for WinUI3. This means you have a good head start for a ReportViewer that can be used in a .NET MAUI project and have native Windows support.

I'm mostly concerned about having support on a Mac, not the mobile platforms. So if you can build a MacCatalyst ReportViewer, you can cover a good portion of developers who are hoping MAUI can give them desktop support across platforms.

Thank you,


Tip: If you use SkiaSharp or Maui.Graphics for rendering, you can get automatic cross-platform support everywhere for free

Posted on: 16 Mar 2023 12:41


The reason for the Reporting service requirement, currently, is that we depend on the GDI+ library to render reports. Our plans for 2023 are to move from the GDI+ library to SkiaSharp after which we would be able to revisit this request and whether it would be possible to give the MAUI viewer the ability to render reports without a service like the WinForms, WPF, and WinUI Report Viewers can do.

I recommend also voting for the Future of Linux support for reporting (telerik.com) item if you haven't done so already which is the place where we will post updates on how the GDI+ to SkiaSharp migration process goes when there is news.

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Posted on: 10 Mar 2023 13:03
I submitted a feature request for a complete Maui Reporting solution sample, but it was (wrongly in my view) marked as a duplicate of this item. Telerik already has a blog covering a Maui Reporting Viewer at https://docs.telerik.com/reporting/knowledge-base/displaying-telerik-report-in-net-maui-and-maui-blazor-applications, but right at the start it states "Keep in mind that the report service should be hosted outside of the mobile app." That conflicts with my desire for a full solution, including a concurrent reporting service, not just the viewer. If this is just not feasible, I would appreciate knowing that.