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Created on: 02 Dec 2021 21:19
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copy paste crosstab issue

I am using the stand alone report designer, connected to a report server.
In the report I am designing, I have several cross tabs. We now want to create the same crosstabs, with additional filtering for the data.

- I copy the existing crosstab, then paste it.

Both cross tabs now reference the SAME row groups. Because of this, when I edit the filters, it just doesn't work. Looks like there are reference issues when the copy / paste is done, not all the objects within the cross tab are getting a new copy.


Original crosstab - it has a row group called "groupName1" :


Copied crosstab - same "groupName1" row group - it shouldn't be the same row group object.

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Posted on: 09 Dec 2021 08:38

Hi Cedric,
Thank you for bringing this to our attention. 

Unfortunately, I was not able to reproduce the filtering problem.  Please, have a look at the short video that shows this test https://screencast-o-matic.com/watch/crljD2V2FEi.
In the video, I open the Dashboard report from Report Server in our Standalone designer, copy the first crosstab and change the filtering expression to both original and copied crosstab.
I have tried almost the same scenario with our report "Employee Sales Summary", but again I was not able to reproduce a filtering issue.

Could you please give us more details about the scenario? You can also attach your report or minimal reproducible example so that we can reproduce the filtering issue.

Regards, Kristina Progress Telerik

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