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Created on: 01 Oct 2021 07:22
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WPF viewer with rest service - Don't block UI thread

When a report is open and the user click on the "generate" button, a busy indicator is displayed and the user can continue to use the application during the generation of the report. The UI thread is not blocked.

But when opening a view with the ReportViewer, the UI freezes during the initial connection to the remote engine, until the report is ready to be generated. If the report has parameters requiring a database query to load the available values, it freezes for a few seconds.

Would it be possible to load the ReportViewer instantly, then display a busy indicator until the report is ready, without blocking the UI thread ? (exactly as for the generation of the report)




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Posted on: 07 Oct 2021 15:22

Hello Gabriel,

Thank you for the valuable feedback.

These viewer issues certainly affect the UX of our viewer and fixing them will improve the product experience.

You are right - during the initial connection to the remote engine (REST service or Report Server), the UI freezes for a bit until the connection is established. That part runs in the UI thread and although it should only occur for a short period of time until the service responds.

We'll consider how to improve the UI to avoid the application "freezing".

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