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How to display truncated strings in a way that viewers get to know there are more information to be displayed?

Figure 1 report is generated using the data source in figure 2. Data in column "Value2" is mapped to the column Text in the generated report.

In the below-generated report, text in row one "Default CUS for CDV" is truncated. A feature to make the user know there is more data to be shown will be great.

Figure 1

Figure 2



So, Adding an option to display an indicator such as “...” for truncated strings so that the viewers get to know there is more information to be displayed

Provide an option to absolute break (display until last possible character) of the string rather than word-wrapping if there’s more content than the text box width.

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Posted on: 11 Jun 2021 07:22

Hello Lanka,

I set the status of the item to Declined because I feel that perhaps you intended to open a support ticket instead?

Also, there is already a way to use such functionality.

Basically, you can use the Len() function to check how long the text in the given field is, then if it is too much for the column's width(how much is too much depends on how wide your columns are) and if it the length is too big, you can use the Substr() function to return a substring of the given field that you can then concatenate with the "..." indicator and this should achieve the desired effect. For example, the following expression could be used:

= Len(Fields.Data) > 5 ? Substr(Fields.Data,0,4) + "..." : Fields.Data  

But of course, the length check and the substring size will depend on your column width size.

For more information, see Text Functions.

I have attached a sample report demonstrating this approach, please check it out.

If you have any other questions or need further help, I suggest creating a support ticket or a forum post and continuing the discussion there.

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