Last Updated: 01 Jun 2021 04:14 by Tony
Created on: 27 May 2021 08:18
Type: Feature Request
GenericTileProvider should have properties for setting the map tile size and zoom levels
Currently the GenericTileProvider class internally uses map tile size of 256x256 px and doesn't allow to set different size. Some tile-providing services like MapBox allow to use tiles with larger size (512x512px). Allowing to use larger tile size will be more efficient in terms of costs and amount of requests.
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Posted on: 01 Jun 2021 04:14

To elaborate, tile providers charge per request. MapBox serves 512x512 tiles by default. You can fit 4 256x256 tiles in the area of a 512x512 tile. So serving a single 512x512 tile is 4 times cheaper than serving the 4 constituent 256x256 tiles.

In Leaflet's implemetation, they provide two arguments to support this. TileSize, which in the case of MapBox is 512, and ZoomOffset, which is set to -1.