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Created on: 07 Apr 2021 13:34
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Upgrade Wizard Breaks Script Reference


I create an ASP.NET Web Application - Empty. I add to it a Telerik HTML Report Viewer page. The wizard creates a new REST service with a sample report. Inside the Html5ReportViewer.html file is the line

<!--If Kendo is used it should be added before the report viewer.-->

 <script src="/api/reports/resources/js/telerikReportViewer-"></script>


with a trailing / in the src attribute. This works perfectly.


I have a ASP.NET Webforms website that displays reports from the Reporting web application.  Pages that display a report also have this script tag. However, any time there is an update for the Reporting toolkit, if I use the Reporting Upgrade Wizard, (Visual Studio 2019 "Extensions" menu -> Telerik -> Reporting -> Upgrade Wizard) the script tags get updated with the latest version, but the trailing / in the src attribute is no longer there and the page breaks because the Javascript library is not loaded. Adding in the / fixes the problem.  Is this intended behavior or a bug in the upgrade wizard?


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Posted on: 14 Apr 2021 09:05

Hello Todd,

I tested to upgrade our demo with an older version. Here is a link to a silent video with my test. Note that the leading slash was not removed by the Upgrade Wizard. I made some changes in the code due to the breaking changes we introduced between the versions I used.

I tested also with a newly created empty ASP.NET project and the slash wasn't removed when the version of the viewer changed from older to newer or vice-versa.

I was not able to reproduce the described behavior and for that reason, I will decline the bug report.

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