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Created on: 19 Feb 2021 19:03
Type: Bug Report
Applying the property Docking to a table in the Visual Studio Report Designer will cause the Designer to set table width to 0

When applying the property Docking with either of the following values will cause the Visual Studio Report Designer to squeeze the table down to 0 width:

  • Top
  • Fill
  • Bottom

While the value 'Right' will cause the table to be rendered outside of the report-section on the left side. This is reproducible with the example report CryptoCurrencies.cs.

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Posted on: 19 Feb 2021 19:41

Hello Heriberto,

If you run into this issue, there are a few things that can be done to minimize the work needed to restore the report.

Open up a report where the problem occurs. Set the Docking of the table to Fill, then build the project. The table will now be rendered bugged. If you press preview in the VS Report Designer, the report will still be rendered correctly. Immediately closing the Designer window when the bug appears, then reopening it, will restore the table to its correct size. The issue with the Designer does not actually apply any changes to the code-definition until new changes are applied.

There is also an issue with opening reports that contain the issue. The Designer will throw the following error:

Each table row and column maintains a minimum size, resulting in a minimum table size of {Width=10px, Height=10px}

There is a choice to 'Ignore and continue' which will still let you open the Designer. The table will be bugged when opening it, but an update will cause the correct size to be calculated and applied. E.g. setting the width of the table to 1cm will cause the correct values to be calculated and restores the table.

Regards, Mads Progress Telerik

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