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Release R3 2021
Created on: 15 Feb 2021 10:24
Type: Feature Request
Report Viewer for WinUI
Currently, the WPF Report Viewer won't work in WinUI because of the differences in the resource dictionary XAML (system.xaml vs Microsoft.ui.xaml). It would be nice if there is a report viewer for WInUI.
Ivan Hristov
Posted on: 23 Sep 2021 10:10


Just wanted to let you know that in R3 2021 we introduced a native WinUI3 report viewer. It is based on the WPF report viewer, but uses ProjectReunion 0.8.1 and our in-house WinUI controls. We also ship a pair of demo projects that utilize the WinUI3 report viewer with our report library. You can check the relate documentation article here: WinUI Report Viewer Overview.

We would love if you give it a try and share your opinion here or in a support thread.

All best,

Ivan Hristov

Reporting Team

Posted on: 17 Sep 2021 09:01
Thank you for this.  We're currently got a big project underway which we need to work through.  Once we have that under control we will take a look at this.
Milen | Product Manager @DX
Posted on: 15 Sep 2021 15:04

Hi all,

Please give a try to the added WinUI viewer in the R3 2021 release. Any feedback is more than welcome!

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