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Created on: 20 Dec 2020 18:12
Type: Feature Request
Repeating ReportHeader/ReportFooter sections
As a report developer, I need to include in the report header overall information about the report that is passed in as an object data source (always only 1 row). This includes company name, address, logo image, user-entered report title, and human-readable filter descriptions, among other things. For some of my reports, I only include this once at the beginning of the report, but for other reports, this must be repeated on each page.  This data is in a list object since it comes from my dedicated object data source.  
Milen | Product Manager @DX
Posted on: 08 Jan 2021 13:17

Hi Albert,

Yes, the pagination algorithm handles the situation of repeating sections not leaving place for the rest of the content. Thank you for that note. Indeed it is possible to use the repeating header of a static report group to effectively achieve the repeating report section. Thank you for pointing this out as it might be of use to anyone interested. Note that with this approach and with eventual repeating report header the section is not freshly data bound for each page. It is simply rendered once more "as is" for the first page. It both does not make sense to bind it to the same data context again and at the same time, it would have additional performance implication.

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Posted on: 03 Jan 2021 03:06
The relevant request here is the ability to repeat the ReportHeader section on each page (and maybe the footer).  The other information included above is related to a different feedback request (1499813 - request for a function to return aggregates from out-of-scope data sources = new DataExec function).  Currently there is a work-around for the lack of being able to repeat the report header - you can create a group with an expressions of "=1", which will always result in one group for the entire report, then this group header is a de-facto report header and group headers can be set to repeat on each page.  It would be much easier to just use a repeating report header and other reporting frameworks, such as SSRS, already allow the report header to be repeated on each page.  Note that with multiple repeating sections, such as the Page Header, Report Header, Group Headers, etc. it is possible to run into a situation where the fixed/repeating height exceeds the total report page height, leaving no room for the detail section and resulting in an infinitely long report - this should be detected and if this occurs (no room for detail) then an error should be returned.