Last Updated: 01 Dec 2020 17:11 by ADMIN
Created on: 01 Dec 2020 17:10
Type: Feature Request
Improve the web report viewers' UX when loading a report
Currently when the report starts loading, the viewer clears all of its areas and shows a series of notification messages that specifies the current stage of the report loading workflow. The report viewer areas are populated again when the first page of the report is displayed in the report viewer. 
In a scenario where the report needs a lot of time to load this behavior is not optimal. In such case the report viewer areas should not be cleared until the first page of the new report is prepared to be displayed in the viewer. The developers should be able to configure the loading behavior and notification message appearance through the report viewer options. The viewer's API should also provide event handlers for these events, so the developers can have more control over the page displaying process.