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Created on: 30 Nov 2020 09:47
Type: Feature Request
Blazor ReportViewer js/css isolation


I am working on Blazor reporting project and I have described the situation already in this post:


To sum it up:

Please add .NET 5 js/css isolation to Blazor ReportViewer which will allow:

  • usage of more report viewers with different report engine services during the application lifetime (current design requires to load js/css globally from single report engine service and the js cannot be unloaded because it is not isolated in a module)
  • simpler usage of the viewer which should just require to set ServiceUrl and the js/css would be managed by the component itself
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Posted on: 07 Dec 2020 09:45


Thank you for your input. I discussed the feature with one of our developers and we approved it. For that reason, I changed the status of the feature request to Unplanned.

When it comes to the .NET5 support, we have such a feature request which is already in progress- .Net 5.0 support of Desktop ReportViewers and Reports generation WEB service. The feature is expected to be released in the middle of January and if you vote for it, you will receive a notification about when there is a change in the status.

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