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Created on: 24 Jul 2020 14:07
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Excel Worksheet export rendering is affected when display scaling (DPI) is above 100%

When Windows display scaling is set to 150%, the stand-alone report designer causes the resulting Excel Worksheet export to shrink from its expected layout.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Set display scaling to 150% in Windows Display Settings
  2. Start the standalone Telerik Report Designer and open the Invoice example report
  3. Preview the report for order SO51081 and export to "Excel Worksheet"
  4. Open the report in Excel.
    Its formatting is not as expected, note the contact name is cut off and overall the output is squished together.
  5. Close the Telerik Report Designer
  6. Set display scaling to 100% in Windows Display Settings
  7. Repeat steps 2 through 4 and note the improved rendering of the Excel Worksheet at standard display DPI.

I've attached my XLSX file results for 150% scaling and 100% scaling to show the problem.

I would not expect my display settings to alter the export of Excel Worksheet files in the Telerik Report Designer application.



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Ivan Hristov
Posted on: 30 Jul 2020 09:43

Hi Jonathan,

Thank you for the detailed description of the issue and the attached files. You are right, there was a problem related with the measurements in XLSX rendering on higher DPI and it's fixed in the R2 2020 SP1 version of Telerik Reporting - Please check the attached XLSX file that shows how the Invoice report looks when rendered in Standalone Report Designer v. on 150 DPI.

Please upgrade to R2 2020 SP1 and let me know if the problem still persists.

Ivan Hristov
Progress Telerik

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