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Created on: 19 Jun 2020 14:13
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programmatically update sql datasource from wizard
We would like to use the Web Report Designer, with an already built Data source. Is this possible? The data-source selection in the Web Designer should be disabled, and we want to pass our prebuilt Data source "programmatically" in some format to the report designer/viewer
Posted on: 31 Aug 2021 12:01

Hello Tommy,

Thank you for this input. Unfortunately, the required functionality is not available in the web designer.

We are still actively developing the web and it would be useful if you share your scenario with us. This may help to approve and prioritize this feature request for implementation.

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Posted on: 25 Aug 2021 03:34
We need people to be able to add more data sources to their report but from SQL not to be able to create new connection strings?
Posted on: 26 Jun 2020 07:51

Hello Dan,

Thank you for this input. Can you share more information about the scenario?

As a workaround, you may create a Report template with the existing DataSources and open this template as a default report so that the users to start creating their reports with preset DataSources.

You may also use jQuery to hide or disable the adding of other DataSources.

I have attached a demo ASP.NET Core project with an integrated Web Report Designer that initially opens a report with a pre-defined CsvDataSource. The DataSources from the Components menu of the Web Report Designer is hidden with jQuery to prevent the user from adding new ones to the report.

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