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Created on: 08 Jun 2020 11:04
Type: Bug Report
The Html5 Report Viewer does not resize properly when the browser window resizes
If you set the Html5 Report Viewer scaleMode to FIT_PAGE_WIDTH or other value different from the default one, the viewer won't resize properly when the user switches the browser window size with the Restore Down/Maximize button.
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Posted on: 08 Jun 2020 11:15

Hi all,

The workaround is to refresh the report on the window resizes event, for example by adding the following script in the page hosting the viewer:

function resizeViewer() {
    var viewer = $("#reportViewer1").data("telerik_ReportViewer");

// Attaching the event listener function to window's resize event
window.addEventListener("resize", resizeViewer);

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