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Created on: 29 May 2020 12:19
Type: Bug Report
The right border of a highlighted table cell with Action is masked by the right-side standing cell Style

When the Report is shown in the HTML5 Interactive viewer, you can move the mouse over the cells in the Hyperlink column. When a cell has the mouse cursor hovering over it, a gray border is drawn around the cell.

The problem is that this gray border is partially covered by the Background color of the next cell.

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Posted on: 05 Jun 2020 08:09

Hi Brian,

I completely understand where the confusion comes from and why it sounds unintuitive. This is a known limitation due to the model we've decided to use for the border rendering, which I will try to explain below.

The first thing that needs to be considered is that when an item has a border, half of the border is rendered inside the item bounds and half of it is rendered outside the item bounds. This means that if the border is 2px wide, 1 of them will be inside the cell with the hyperlink and the other 1 will be outside. Therefore, when two cells are adjacent to each other, the border of the first cell overlaps the border of the second cell.

The second thing is that when two sibling items overlap, the item which is rendered second will be drawn on top of the other item. This is the reason why a non-transparent background colour of the second cell will be rendered on top of the first cell's border.

I hope I've managed to explain the way the rendering of the border works, you can also read more about the subject in this article.

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