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Created on: 26 May 2020 10:30
Type: Bug Report
The fields and parameters of the WebServiceDataSource are not recognized by the WebReportDesigner when it is hosted in a Blazor application
In WebReportDesigner for Blazor application I cannot find the already set WebServiceDataSource parameters. When I try to create a table using the table wizard and select the existing WebServiceDataSource, I don't see any Data Source Fields.
Ivan Hristov
Posted on: 25 Aug 2021 12:35

Hi Sagar,

The issue with the unavailable data fields in the Table Wizard has been fixed and is not reproducible with our latest version As you can see in the attached screenshot, the data fields obtained from the WebServiceDataSource's schema are visible in the Table Wizard and can be used when creating a table.

I was unable to reproduce the issue with the missing WebServiceDataSource parameters as well. On my end they appear in the Properties pane when the WebServiceDataSource component is selected (also seen in an attached screenshot).

In my tests I used our demo project named CSharp.Net5.BlazorIntegrationDemo, included in the R2 2021 SP1 release (v. Let us know if you're still experiencing troubles on your end once you update the version of Telerik Reporting you're using.

Regards, Ivan Hristov

Posted on: 24 Aug 2021 18:23


Is there any update regarding this bug?


Sagar Patel