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Release R1 2023
Created on: 31 Mar 2020 10:33
Type: Feature Request
Set ReportViewer options in WebReportDesigner
Please, make possible setting the report viewer options in the initialization of the Web Report Designer. For example, pageMode, viewMode and so on.
Ivan Hristov
Posted on: 20 Jan 2023 16:33


In R1 2023 we've added a new property to the WebReportDesigner widget. The property is named reportViewerOptions and it allows to set some of the most frequently used properties of the embedded report viewer. A sample initialization code is included in our example projects that we distribute with the product instalation. Here's how the snippet in the CSharp.Net6.Html5IntegrationDemo/wwwroot/webReportDesigner.html looks like:

                toolboxArea: {
                    layout: "list" //Change to "grid" to display the contents of the Components area in a flow grid layout.
                serviceUrl: "api/reportdesigner/",
                report: "Product Catalog.trdp",

                // Example of passing parameters to the embedded Report Viewer used when previewing documents.
                // The example below demonstrates the currently available options.
                // reportViewerOptions: {
                //    scaleMode: telerikReportViewer.ScaleModes.SPECIFIC,
                //    scale: 1.0,
                //    templateUrl: "api/reportdesigner/resources/templates/telerikReportViewerTemplate.html/",
                //    viewMode: telerikReportViewer.ViewModes.INTERACTIVE,
                //    pageMode: telerikReportViewer.PageModes.CONTINUOUS_SCROLL
                //    // Further explanation about how these options effect the Report Viewer can be found at:
                //    //
                // }

We will appreciate it if you can check it out and provide some feedback.

Ivan Hristov

Telerik Reporting Team

Posted on: 08 Mar 2022 09:42
Having the option to have Components tab open by default instead of Explorer tab would also be nice
Posted on: 10 Dec 2021 09:15


Also, often, using a custom parameter editor in the viewer is required.

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