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Created on: 24 Oct 2019 10:04
Type: Bug Report
Text copied from PDF report created on Linux is not correct
When exporting a report to PDF on Linux the document looks correct. If you try to copy text from this PDF and paste it in a text editor, the text appears as random symbols, e.g. empty squares.
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Posted on: 06 Nov 2019 13:21

Let me also elaborate in saying this is a much bigger problem that copy-pasting text. It is also an issue with searching for text in the PDF. It is an even bigger problem for document management systems that take the outputted PDFs, and search them for keywords or other text to extract as part of their processing of the PDFs.

We have attempted workarounds to run the PDFs through OCR software (pdfsandwich on Linux, which uses Tesseract OCR) but the end result is a much larger file due to the PDF being converted to an image-PDF, and unreliable text because OCR is not 100% accurate.

The only viable solution is for Telerik to fix this issue. Otherwise, the PDFs generated by Telerik Reporting for .NET Core will be largely useless in automated processing.