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Created on: 24 Jul 2019 17:40
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Dynamic table column width based on data



I have been working on some reports that require multiple tables on a single page. This limits the space columns have for data being bound to fit and results in text wrapping. I made a support ticket asking if there was a way to have dynamic column widths. I hoped to find a way to get table columns to change their widths depending on the data being bound to the table, while still maintaining the overall width of the table. My idea was to have it distribute the space (change the column width) to best display data and avoid text wrapping if possible. 


Attached to this request are some PDFs. One of them ("Current Report") shows that some data is either cut off or uses text wrapping. The other attached PDF shows the closest I could get to an acceptable layout, given our clients requirements and what our design team wants the reports to look like.

Thank you!

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Ivan Hristov
Posted on: 31 Jul 2019 12:36
Hi David,

Thank you for logging the feature request in our Feedback Portal along with the attachment. I appreciate your understanding about the implications, explained by my colleague in the support ticket #1419563. So far the best solution for this scenario is to preprocess the table data and change the table column widths in the report definition before the report enters the processing stage.

We highly value our users suggestion and strive to meet their needs with each new release of our product. Based on the community response, we will consider scheduling the feature for implementation in a subsequent release of Telerik Reporting.

Ivan Hristov
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