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Created on: 14 Jun 2019 17:52
Type: Feature Request
Export Crosstab to Excel with grouping

It would be extremely useful to have a Crosstab export the entire hierarchy as groups in Excel. SQL Reporting Services does this when exporting a report created there. I realize that this would mean generating the entire dataset prior to the export in order to expand all the data, but as I said, SSRS does this without a noticeable performance delay.



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Posted on: 21 Jun 2019 11:18
Hello Carl,

Thank you for the valuable feature request.
Our current Excel export targets the visual layout of the report, i.e. to be as close as possible to the one designed in the report definition. Your requirement, on the other hand, tends towards exporting the report items functionality. If this request gets implemented, it will be probably an implementation of a new rendering format.