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I have tried like operation in condition formatting and it is not working
I have tried like operation in condition formatting and it is not working.
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Posted on: 18 Mar 2019 08:05
Hi Jobi,

If I understood correctly you would like to apply some Conditional formatting in case the  field contains 'test'. From what I see from the picture, I can propose 2 options where the outcome of the conditional formatting will be a change of the color. I attached a report with 2 tables. Each of them has a specific rule:
1) The table on the left contains only '= Fields.' (added from a CSV data source) and the following conditional formatting rule of the field: 
Expression: = Fields.
Operator: Like
Value: test
 I also selected a color from Style when this rule is kept. The outcome of this conditional formatting is all of the values listed, where those whose value is exactly 'test' is colored in blue.

2)The table on the right also contains only '= Fields.DomaninUrl'. There you will observe the following rule:
Expression: = Fields.DomaninUrl
Value: %test%

Here the same Style for the color is selected. The outcome of this rule is all of the values listed but these that contain test (the % sign means that there are 0, 1 or more characters in front/ behind the specified string) will be colored in blue. You can find more about Like operator in the Operators article.
Note that if you would like the special symbol "%" to be part of the string it will be necessary to escape it like "[%]".

I see that the type of ticket is Report. Was that the issue or there was something more?
Please, let me know if you have any additional questions.

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