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Created on: 19 Sep 2018 12:58
Type: Feature Request
Page Header Band that Grows/Shrink based on controls in it
First, we need the ability to have the controls in a Page Header Band to Grow/Shrink based on their contents.
Second, the Page Header Band also needs the ability to Grow/Shrink based the first Condition and any other Conditional Formatting settings of controls with in that band. 
This is request becuase of the design of the Report Header Band and how it is designed for Multi Column Reports.  The Report Header Band does all what I am asking for, however, in a Multi Column Report, it's only the size of the column width, which is a problem for some of our reports.  We need it to be the entire page width.  Some suggests to create PAGE BOOKS seems a bit complicated to do for such a simple request.  I have been using different report writes in my 25+ years of programming, and Telerik Reports is the first one that I have used, that has these limitations..
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Posted on: 26 Feb 2019 14:03
Hello Mark,

Thank you for the input!

Allowing the Page Header / Footer to have different size and especially grow on each page would bring problems in the KeepTogether logic and might lead to infinite loops and page generation. Technically it is easily doable. The question is if this is the best way to cover the described scenario. How about introducing the possibility to determine if the Report Header should be split into the report columns or stay as a header of the columns?

Any opinion is welcome.

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