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Created on: 11 Sep 2017 05:35
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Web ReportViewer dynamic label exporting to CSV
Hi Team,

While exporting the report displayed in the web report viewer to CSV, we are exporting the textbox name as header value. Which leads to a problem while exporting a dynamic value whose control name is decided at run time. Please provide an option to assign and export value assigned at runtime.

Details of the issue are discussed in below link. Please have a look over the comment raised on 25th Sept 2014 by Perry. 

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Posted on: 20 Sep 2017 09:25
Once the report rendering gets started, you should not add new items to the report definition. What you can do instead is to change the value of a TextBox item, for example.  Using appropriate expression, its text may be an empty string or other text, alternatively. Such approach will allow the CSV rendering extension to work correctly. For a CSV file to be consistent, the number of column headers on the first row should match the number of values on each subsequent row. This cannot be accomplished if an additional item appears on 5th detail for example. Keep in mind that the CSV export cannot aim to represent the layout of the report as you see it in a viewer control. This is a major difference compared with the Excel export. As a consequence to have a well-formed table in Excel, you need to layout the items in the report layout as a perfect table or use table item.
Does that work for you?