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Created on: 08 Jun 2017 14:41
Type: Feature Request
Easier editing of reports exported to Word format
We often receive feedback regarding hard/impossible editing of reports after they are exported to Word format.
The existing rendering mechanism will produce Word tables which are harder for manual editing - http://docs.telerik.com/reporting/designing-reports-considerations-word

Let us know in comments about your experience with editing reports exported to Word format so we can understand more clearly what is required from Reporting Word rendering extention.
Posted on: 11 Sep 2019 12:18

The main purpose of our DOCX reports is to present data/reports. This is useful even without proper editing functionality, for example, when DOCX format is accepted as an internal communicational standard. Due to the specifics of the Reporting tool and our strive to export a document as close as possible to the designed layout, the editing may be difficult. We have designed our tool with the preference for better layout, sacrificing partly the editing functionality. The tables' layout was selected as the only option to stay in full control of the separate elements, but it restricts editing. We haven't found a better way for exporting in Word format without distorting the report layout yet.

Posted on: 04 Sep 2019 21:50

Is there any progress done on exporting reports to word or rtf format.

At the moment I find this functionality useless, the essence of exporting to Word is to be able to add text to the document created, otherwise we would export using pdf format.

 I need to export a document to word. The document has questions that require to be answered.

With the current format, it is very difficult for anyone to answer the questions, as it is very fiddly to click in the right place, or find the right place where you add your answer.

Please let me know what the updates and direction are on the subject as I will have to find a solution to export data to Word sooner rather than later.


Posted on: 07 Dec 2017 12:15
Hi, we are forced to use tables to layout the Word document as this is the best option to achieve absolute positioning in this rendering format. The primary layout of any word processing product (like Word) is the flow layout, where each line is stacked after the previous following the paradigms of line height, paragraph, etc. But the reporting products (most of them) have absolute positioning for each item thus need to find some way of decent representation in a so popular format like Word. In RTF we also support the so-called "frames" mode, which are basically absolutely positioned boxes of content, but this also does not provide a good way of further editing. 
What we can do is investigate why there is no easy way to write a paragraph before or after a paragraph. We will consider this a bug and will notify here when it gets researched/resolved.
We can also consider the use of TextBox-es as an alternative to tables, like in RTF.
Posted on: 21 Sep 2017 07:24
Agree with Paul Kent - not being able to add content to exported Word document is realy show stopper. And in our case editing existing content ie. removing part of report and erasing white space between pages is also important. 

Posted on: 08 Jun 2017 15:47
Although l understand editing of exported Word documents is difficult due to the generated nested tables this l can live with; what l still believe to be a bug (not a feature request) is not being able to add content to the document after the exported report content.

Most of my exported reports (to word) are to start some sort of document that the end user adds to after the exported content, one scenario (but typical from my SSRS days) would be:

The report user selects a client and template (via parameters / sub reports), the report export then generates a business letter with the appropriate headings, subject, reference number, date, business address and client address, maybe with some content such as charts. This content for most purposes does not need to be altered, but the end user then adds to the document to complete it.

My expectations at present are simple, just add a blank paragraph after the exported nested tables so it’s possible to add content to the document (after the exported data), anything else other than this quick bug fix would be a bonus.