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Last Updated: 04 Aug 2016 00:22 by Ian
Created on: 16 Jul 2015 13:20
Type: Feature Request
Add conditional page breaks based on report group page number (Duplex Printing)
When trying to duplex print a report that has odd page numbers, the next report's first page prints on the back of the previous report. We need the ability to conditionally insert a page break based on whether the report's (the group's) page count is odd or even. Since we don't have access to the global pagecount variable outside the footer, there is no way to use it to insert a page break into the body of the report. This seems like it would be such a common need with the desire by many to save paper that it would be an obvious feature to include in the product. Thanks.
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Posted on: 04 Aug 2016 00:22
I've implemented things like this in the past with MS Reporting Services.  It's very handy to expose as a parameter for the end-user to optionally insert blank pages to prepare for nice duplex printing.