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Created on: 18 Apr 2014 11:41
Type: Feature Request
Dashboard designer for data visualisation made easy for the end-user
As the world of data visualization changes and the demands for features to the end-users allowing them to use visualisation methods such as dashboards and pivots allowing them to slice and dice runtime. 
Are there anything in the telerik roadmap which allows for this kind of product component?

I see that competitors such as ComponentOne has Active analytics and Devexpress has dashboraddesigner and dashboardviwer as components in their toolbox.

If anyone else are seeking the same oppertunity in the Telerik toolbox please feel free to comment.

I am not really convinced this belongs in the reporting tool but as this was suggested by the team - so be it.

What I am looking for is an end-user friendly way of visualising data without being knowledgeable of how to connect to databases and how to look for the right tables, but simply choosing pre populated "datasets" for presenting as
- Charts
- Gauges
- Pivot tables
- slice & dice
- compare data based on easy selection of
   - date ranges 
   - geografical presence

So basically a dashboard designer allowing end user to Do Your Own.

Thanks in advance for considering the suggestion