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Release R3 2023
Created on: 28 Jul 2023 15:01
Category: Telerik Document Processing
Type: Bug Report
SpreadProcessing: A NullReferenceException is thrown when copying a sheet containing chart with Marker which FIll is null

A NullReferenceException is thrown when copying a sheet containing a chart with Marker whose FIll is null.

There is a workaround which should be applied before copying the sheet:

foreach (FloatingChartShape chart in wsPureCompTemplate.Charts)
    foreach (SeriesGroup seriesGroup in chart.Chart.SeriesGroups)
        foreach (SeriesBase series in seriesGroup.Series)
            LineSeries lineSeries = series as LineSeries;
            if (lineSeries != null && lineSeries.Marker != null && lineSeries.Marker.Fill == null)
                lineSeries.Marker.Fill = new NoFill();

            ScatterSeries scatterSeries = series as ScatterSeries;
            if (scatterSeries != null && scatterSeries.Marker != null && scatterSeries.Marker.Fill == null)
                scatterSeries.Marker.Fill = new NoFill();

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Posted on: 12 Sep 2023 11:26


This item will be available in R3 2023 Release. 

It is also available with Document Processing Libraries (DPL) version 2023.2.918 or higher.

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