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Last Updated: 23 Oct 2020 14:53 by ADMIN
Currently, the implementation of the PdfFormatProvider supports the import of Link and Widget annotations. However, other annotation types, such as Text and Pop-up annotations, are imported with limited support - only some of their visual appearance properties are imported. This leads to unpredictable results when exporting or merging. However, the exception could be avoided and the annotation can be skipped. This will ensure the client application is running without errors.
Last Updated: 23 Oct 2020 07:05 by ADMIN
Release R3 2020 SP1
Removing a row causes the last row of the sheet to copy its styling from the first row. This happens because the compressed lists translate the values of the cells up and do not take into account that its the end of the sheet.
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Last Updated: 22 Oct 2020 20:28 by Georges

I open an xlsx file thant i create with Excel and edit it with RadSpreadProcessing.

But then I can't display it in a RadSpreadsheet control. An error is displayed during execution on localhost.

Here is the error message:

Exception non gérée à la ligne 48298, colonne 17 dans http://localhost:53844/Telerik.Web.UI.WebResource.axd?_TSM_HiddenField_=RadScriptManager1_TSM&compress=1&_TSM_CombinedScripts_=;;System.Web.Extensions,+Version=,+Culture=neutral,+PublicKeyToken=31bf3856ad364e35:fr-CA:bc17b1ef-7a1b-49cb-a795-5f1c64597a53:ea597d4b:b25378d2;Telerik.Web.UI:fr-CA:b87b3d5b-f055-4852-bdaf-fef1991116e3:16e4e7cd:f7645509:22a6274a:33715776:8674cba1:7c926187:88144a7a:b7778d6c:c08e9f8a:59462f1:a51ee93e:24ee1bba:6d43f6d9:e330518b:1e771326:8e6f0d33:864068a5:6a6d718d:58366029:874f8ea2:4cd1fec6:71188da4:487c8be1:670fdf23:d944e0f6:c442ac3f:ec7335e:2e4adfe5:b4bec146:77613e24:69667591:a4c22f0d:e0037459:2f872eeb:75e7b247:b9057478:e8e3832e:728f182a:c4143936:5f88c545:6ed7f76e:32b48b51:935ec1c6:f0c58c30:16dc2978:1611ddf4:1bfaef2a:26e91122:c128760b:a7e79140:185812c5:f46195d3:6b3f73b3:2003d0b8:aa288e2d:b092aa46:a44b89c4:c8618e41:e4f8f289:1a73651d:16d8629e:2bef5fcc:a9b7ace7:e085fe68:52af31a4:5fa37e7e

0x800a139e - Erreur d’exécution JavaScript: Expected op «,» but found punc «;» (input: IF(D8<>0;E8/D8;0))

If a workbook was created with Excel, an error prevents it from being opened programmatically in a RadSpreadsheet control. Although it can be displayed there using the open button of the RadSpreadsheet. This error does not occur if you copy the contents of this workbook into the RadSpreadsheet and then save it with the save button on the RadSpreadsheet.

Thank you

Last Updated: 22 Oct 2020 19:06 by Zach
After signing a document using the PdfProcessing library and the document is loaded in Adobe Acrobat an error is shown when the signature widget is clicked:
Error during signature verification.  

Adobe Acrobat error.
Expected a dict object.
Last Updated: 16 Oct 2020 11:27 by ADMIN
Release R3 2020 SP1
By specification the explicit destinations define a required page property. However, some documents contain definition for destinations with null page value, which causes an ArgumentNullException on import.
Last Updated: 14 Oct 2020 15:32 by ADMIN

ArgumentOutOfRangeException is thrown when importing a document because of wrongly parsing to Unicode mapping.

System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException: 'Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection.
Parameter name: index'

Last Updated: 09 Oct 2020 09:27 by ADMIN
Number formats like this: #,##0.0,,;(#.##0.0..) can not be applied, because the trailing commas in the first part of the format "#,##0.0,," are not supported.
Last Updated: 29 Sep 2020 09:03 by ADMIN
Release LIB 2020.3.1005 (05/10/2020)
When xlsx/docx document is imported, and its main story is with non-default name ('workbook. xml'/'document.xml'), e.g. workbook2.xml/document2.xml, NullReferenceException is thrown and the document is not imported.

Note: Such documents are usually produced after conversion from a template dotx/xlsm.
Last Updated: 25 Sep 2020 14:08 by ADMIN
Release R3 2020 SP1
When the associated document style is not of type StyleType.Table (does not contain TableProperties) a NullReferenceException is thrown.
Last Updated: 25 Sep 2020 13:18 by ADMIN
Release R3 2020 SP1
When importing an embedded Type 1 Font with custom encoding an InvalidCastException is thrown.
Last Updated: 17 Sep 2020 10:24 by ADMIN

When a TrueType font is defined, the mapping of character codes to glyph indices depends on the built-in cmap table mappings defined in the font and the Encoding property defined in the PDF dictionary.

However, the current implementation maps all characters with cmap tables for Microsoft Symbolic and Macintosh Roman, which causes incorrect mapping results, e.g. space characters are mapped to an Ê glyph.

The issue is also described in the following public item: TryGetCharCode for OpenTypeFont uses wrong cmap and returns wrong charcode.

Workaround: Change the font  of the TextBoxField's widget appearance:
foreach (var widget in field.Widgets)
    widget.TextProperties.Font = FontsRepository.Helvetica;

Last Updated: 16 Sep 2020 12:41 by ADMIN
Release R3 2020
Created by: Dimitar
Comments: 2
Category: SpreadProcessing
Type: Bug Report

To reproduce: 

- Add the following formula to a cell: "=A1=FALSE"

Actual: the result is always false

Expected: the result should be true when the cell is empty


Workaround: Use the ISBLANK function.

Last Updated: 16 Sep 2020 12:17 by ADMIN
Release R3 2020
This exception corrupts the whole document import. Instead, we should provide Exception handling mechanism which allows the user to import the rest of the content.
Last Updated: 15 Sep 2020 10:14 by ADMIN
The chart size is not correctly set when the TwoCellAnchor contains similar elements
Last Updated: 11 Sep 2020 10:01 by ADMIN
The negative margin is not respected when exporting to pdf.
Last Updated: 04 Sep 2020 11:20 by ADMIN
After a PDF document is imported, decoding large images with a CCITTFaxDecode filter leads to OutOfMemoryException.
Last Updated: 01 Sep 2020 08:52 by ADMIN
Release R3 2020
When importing color space defined as an external resource name, a NotSupportedColorSpaceException: 'CS0 color space is not supported.' is thrown.
Last Updated: 28 Aug 2020 07:36 by ADMIN
Release LIB 2020.2.831 (31/08/2020)
NullReferenceException is thrown when importing a PDF document containing InlineImage with missing parameters
Last Updated: 28 Aug 2020 07:16 by ADMIN
Release LIB 2020.2.831 (31/08/2020)
The EI keyword defines an operator for ending the image data. When the stream contains the same sequence, the parser treats that as an end of the image data. As a result, the image and the following content cannot be properly parsed and there is missing content when the document is visualized.
Last Updated: 21 Aug 2020 10:19 by ADMIN
Release R3 2020
Exception when the sheet name contains a single letter 
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