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Created on: 02 Jun 2023 13:53
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WordsProcessing: table in footer adds a space in the end


I'm using Telerik Documents Processing 2023.1.410

With WordsProcessing, if I add a table in a footer it will automatically add a space after the table

Here an example, my table is the same size as my image in background and I removed all margin of the section:

Here the code:

Footer footer = section.Footers.Add(HeaderFooterType.Default)
section.PageMargins = new Padding(0,96,96,0);
section.FooterBottomMargin = 0;

Table table = footer.Blocks.AddTable();
TableRow row = table.Rows.AddTableRow();
TableCell cell = row.Cells.AddTableCell();
Paragraph paragraph = cell.Blocks.AddParagraph();


I didn't any properties to manage spaces around a Table like in Paragraph.

It can be reproduced without the image

Work around:

If I add a new paragraph at the end and remove all spaces of this paragraph then it works

Here the code added:

paragraph = footer.Blocks.AddParagraph();
paragraph.Spacing.SpacingAfter = 0;
paragraph.Spacing.SpacingBefore = 0;
paragraph.Spacing.LineSpacing = 0;


Hervouet Thomas

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Posted on: 07 Jun 2023 11:05

Hello Thomas,

I attempted to reproduce the behavior you are describing by incorporating the provided code snippet into a project on my end. In both cases, whether inserting a paragraph after the table or not, the result documents appear to be the same.

I could be missing something important or not understanding the case as a whole so I am attaching the project I used for you to take a look at as well. Feel free to examine it and compare and feel free to correct me if you find anything unusual. If you could also manage to modify it so that it reproduces the issue you are experiencing please send it back for inspection.

Attaching the project you are using and its result document can also help with the process. If you have any concerns I can assure you that they will be treated with confidentiality and for testing purposes only (as per our EULA section 11).

Looking forward to your reply. In the meanwhile, I remain at your disposal.

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