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Release R1 2021 SP1
Created on: 03 Feb 2021 15:29
Category: PdfProcessing
Type: Feature Request
PdfProcessing: ArgumentException when merging document containing Link annotation without action or destination

A Link annotation must have an associated action, destination, or named destination specifying what should happen when the annotation is activated. When merging documents with invalid Link annotations, an ArgumentException is thrown with the message 'Value cannot be null. Parameter name: namedDestination'

Workaround: Remove the invalid annotations:

foreach (var annotation in document.Annotations.ToList())
    var link = annotation as Link;
    if (link != null && link.Action == null && link.Destination == null && link.NamedDestination == null)
        (annotation.Parent as RadFixedPage).Annotations.Remove(annotation);

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Posted on: 09 Feb 2021 16:17


This item will be available in R1 2021 SP1 Release. 

It is also available with Telerik UI for WPF's latest internal build - LIB 2021.1.215 (15/2/2021)) if you need it earlier. 

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