Last Updated: 12 Oct 2017 08:26 by ADMIN
Created on: 11 Oct 2017 13:07
Category: PdfProcessing
Type: Bug Report
PdfProcessing: TextBox widget appearance is misplaced or not visible when text is long
If a PDF with a TextBoxField is created with a corresponding Widget, the text is actually long enough to be broken in more than one line and AllowScroll is set to true, upon opening the file in Adobe, the text is not visible. The field actually does have an appearance which can be seen upon inspection of the document but for some reason it is not visualized.

Another issue seems to be a different manifestation of the same problem: When the text is long and AllowScroll is false, the text will be visible, but will be misplaced. The issue is caused by the length of the text because the same field with a shorter text that can fit in the widget's rectangle will be displayed correctly.