Last Updated: 28 Sep 2018 11:43 by ADMIN
Created on: 14 Apr 2017 13:11
Category: WordsProcessing
Type: Feature Request
WordsProcessing: Introduce more convenient API for setting a Section's page orientation
Currently the PageOrientation property is used to determine the actual size of the paper to use on the printer and does not reflect document's visualization. In order to affect Section's appearance the user should change the PageSize and PageMargin properties. For convenience the Rotate method is introduced in order to update the properties simultaneously. However the usage of the Section.Rotate(PageOrientation) method is confusing since the properties are not updated when Section.PageOrientation is already set to the same value as the parameter. Also, Rotate method is useful only for rotating already created sections, and to create section with specified pages size and margins the user should set all Section's PageSize, PageMargin, PageOrientation properties anyway.

More convenient API must be provided to create Section instances with correctly set properties for the desired page orientation.