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Nikolay Demirev
Created on: 11 May 2016 10:36
Category: SpreadProcessing
Type: Feature Request
Spreadsheet: Add support for different calculation options (Automatic or Manual)
Add support for manual calculation option, which allows not to recalculate all the formulas on value change, but on manual request. 

MS Excel supports this feature in Formulas -> Calculation -> Calculation Options, with the following options: Automatic, Automatic Except for Data Tables, Manual.
Posted on: 03 Oct 2022 08:41

Hello Rik,

Thank you for sharing the workaround and the details here. I am afraid I cannot share a timeframe for the implementation of this feature. You can follow its status here on the portal. 

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have other questions.

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Posted on: 30 Sep 2022 11:09

We are suffering from degraded performance whilst using this library to build a report that contains formulas.  With each column of formula we add there is a noticable degredation in performance.  To put this in context: we have ~4000 rowa of data with 24 columns with formula in them.  The report takes ~1hr 10 minutes to render.

Suspending the calculations of the formula by using an internal API (I know!) results in the report being rendered in ~2 seconds!!

For Info: We migrated to Telerik from a library provided by a company called Bytescout.  That library had a feature to delay formula calculations until a specific method was called (workbook.Calculate() IIRC)

Ref: https://www.telerik.com/account/support-center/view-ticket/1581534