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The MultiSelect and ComboBox Icons seem to have issues. First, in the MultiSelect, I'm not able to customize the icon within the IconButton. In the similar ComboBox, I can customize the icon, but the change is not reflected in the live view.

I would expect that all the clear "X" icons within the dropdown components would inherit from the base TextBox "Clear Icon" but they don't.



In Development
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i would like to set the chevron down arrow vs the default. i set this in themebuilder and export but the icon remains the same default
Need More Info
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I am getting this error, but am not able to revert the changes nor does it say where exact the error is. Do I have to start all over again!?
In my opinion the whole ThemeBuilder is still in Beta.

I suggest to implement a protocol tool with which you can revert the last 10 changes made in to the theme!


Under Review
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The style for dialog actions is exported with the following selector 

.k-dialog-wrapper .k-window.k-dialog .k-window-actions.k-dialog-actions.k-actions.k-actions-stretched

This is not applied when I switch actions bar to a different layout than the default

<DialogActionsBar layout="start">
because of the selector part 

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The Theme Builder section of the website does not produce a CSS file that contains the styles for the new Skeleton component.
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The text for the onlabel and offlabel is not shown because the ".k-switch-label-on, .k-switch-label-off" is showing "display: none" and other issues you'll see when testing.  Appears that the SASS Theme Builder doesn't take into consideration the OnLabel and OffLabel parameters.

SASS Theme CSS: line 12087-12096

.k-switch-label-off {
    display: none;
    position: absolute;
    top: 50%;
    -webkit-transform: translateY(-50%);
        -ms-transform: translateY(-50%);
            transform: translateY(-50%);
    overflow: hidden;


<TelerikSwitch class="ml-2" @bind-Value="@isDark" Width="80px" OnLabel="Dark" OffLabel="Light" OnChange="ThemeHandler" />


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Release 2021.3

I am using the Sass ThemeBuilder to regenerate stylesheets with the themes that we use on our site in order to get the latest version of the styles. One of those styles includes the color Blue Gray. I am able to select and download all other styles and colors except for when I select Blue Gray. When I select the color and click download I receive the a `500 - Internal Server Error`.

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Release 2021 R3
When you start theming using the Bootstrap as a base, change the pallet colours and click download the ThemeBuilder throws.