Last Updated: 11 May 2023 10:14 by Dennis
When Kendo window is hosted in a iframe, created using javascript, Test Studio recorder does not detect mouse and keyboard actions. 
Last Updated: 10 May 2023 09:10 by rao
Resolve element find failure fails to update the test's element find logic.
Last Updated: 09 May 2023 09:15 by Jacob

Download dialog which is triggered from a new tab fails to be handled when running a test in Edge and Chrome extensionless mode. 

Such download dialog is usually triggered with a link similar to this: 

<a href="100MB.zip" target="_blank">Link to donwload</a>

The download dialog looks like this: 

Last Updated: 03 May 2023 11:20 by Steven

When trying to connect Test Studio project to Git source control the following error message appear:


Last Updated: 01 May 2023 14:04 by Richard Beverly
Created by: Richard Beverly
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Type: Bug Report

The below snippet to find specific element fails to return the expected element. The Content is of the same element regardless of the "parent()" method.

 var item = Find.jQuery()
                    .classes(new string[]{"className"})

Last Updated: 06 Apr 2023 10:48 by Adam
Navigate to steps with set BaseUrl do not take that value when converted to code.
Last Updated: 03 Apr 2023 10:25 by iLAB
Calling Toggle method of TelerikBlazorGridGroup wrapper always throw null reference exception.
Last Updated: 28 Feb 2023 13:46 by Andreas

Specific customer application requires double click to trigger an action. When running the test without extension, the double click is not executed as expected and the test fails on the next verification step. 

Workaround Enabling the usage of extension for the browser (Chrome and Edge) resolved the misbehavior. 

Additional details are shared internally!

Last Updated: 10 Feb 2023 09:37 by Fritz

I tried to add Excel data source to my project and bind it to existing web test, but encountered an error during execution. The execution log states that there is no actual data, which is not true.

After discussing this with the support engineer, it seems that the issue is related to the Access DB driver. Test Studio works with the 32-bit version and the new Visual Studio 2022 works with the 64-bit version.

As a workaround I can use an older version of Visual Studio.

Last Updated: 11 Jan 2023 11:50 by Andreas

Image verification step fails whith following exception when executed on specific machine. 

EXCEPTION! (see below)
     Outer Exception Type: ArtOfTest.Common.Design.Exceptions.VerificationWaitException
     Message: Unexpected error while waiting on condition. Error: System.Reflection.TargetInvocationException: Ein Aufrufziel hat einen Ausnahmefehler verursacht. ---> System.NullReferenceException: Der Objektverweis wurde nicht auf eine Objektinstanz festgelegt.
          bei ArtOfTest.WebAii.Design.IntrinsicTranslators.Descriptors.ImprovedImageVerificartionDescriptor.ExtractData(IAutomationHost targetHost, DescriptorValueStore dataStore)
          bei ArtOfTest.Common.Design.Extensibility.Descriptors.VerificationDescriptor.<PerformWait>b__30_0(IAutomationHost hst, DescriptorValueStore values)
          --- Ende der internen Ausnahmestapel├╝berwachung ---
          bei System.RuntimeMethodHandle.InvokeMethod(Object target, Object[] arguments, Signature sig, Boolean constructor)
          bei System.Reflection.RuntimeMethodInfo.UnsafeInvokeInternal(Object obj, Object[] parameters, Object[] arguments)
          bei System.Delegate.DynamicInvokeImpl(Object[] args)
          bei ArtOfTest.Common.WaitAsync._worker_DoWork[T,V](Object waitParam)
     HRESULT: 0x80131500 (Official ID (if app.) = COR_E_EXCEPTION, Error Bit = FAILED, Facility = FACILITY_URT, Code = 5376)
     Call Stack:
          bei ArtOfTest.WebAii.Design.Execution.ExecutionEngine.ExecuteStep(Int32 order)
Last Updated: 10 Jan 2023 09:07 by Neha

Executing a test with double click action on Windows 10 machine with Chrome browser, enabled for automation with extension, is failing on the double click action when executed in code. 

Test Studio version 2022.3.xx. 

Sample test shared internally.

Last Updated: 21 Dec 2022 14:44 by Brant
Created by: Brant
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Type: Bug Report

I am not able to add Test Explorer Settings to my project in Visual Studio. I am missing the assembly LoadTestPackage and I was notified that this feature has been deprecated in VS 2022.

The support team at Test Studio mentioned an alternative solution with the Run Settings as possible solution, but it is not yet implemented.

Last Updated: 07 Dec 2022 16:57 by Frank
Created by: Frank
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Type: Bug Report

By design the Wait for exist step doesn't record an image for the element. However, you can manually add an image for the element in that step. And if this is the case the fallback to image search (when the find expression doesn't match an element on the page) remains only in the background - there is no message that the element is found by image only in the execution log. 

Steps to reproduce:

1. Use a wait for exist step with an image for the element.
2. Ensure the element find logic will fail to locate the element.
3. Ensure the image will match an image on the page. 
4. Run the test. 

Expected: The element to be located by image as a fallback search criteria and get the message and warning in the execution log for that. 

Actual: The test passes, but never informs that the element was found by image only.

Last Updated: 28 Oct 2022 08:50 by Jim
  1. Local scheduling setup - default installation of Test Studio with no services added.
  2. Project is connected locally.
  3. Schedule a test list (recurring or for some time ahead).
  4. Make a change in a test from the test list. 
  5. Save the changes - the automatic upload prompt appears on each save action. 
  6. If you choose to not show it again, the automatic upload gets triggered without showing that notification.
  7. As a result it produces error message saying "Scheduling service at http://localhost:8009 is reporting that it cannot communicate with Storage Service at http://<theMachineName>:8492/v1". 

Expected is that there shouldn't be any calls to the Storage Service.
Actual is that the attempt for upload to the Storage is triggered for local setup as well. 

Last Updated: 03 Oct 2022 15:56 by Emma

In user's specific application there are kendo menus implemented with sub-menus to appear on mouse hover. During recording all menus can be opened as expected only if highlighting is not enabled. Once highlighting is on, the submenus are shown over the main menu and no clear selection can be made. 

Further details on the case shared internally!

Workaround: The issue could be workaround with the following steps: 

  1. Keep highlighting disabled and open the menus as expected. 
  2. Use click steps over the menu options to add these as elements into the Test Studio project (in the Elements Explorer). 
  3. Use these elements to add the required steps from the Step Builder
Last Updated: 16 Aug 2022 08:06 by Jerry

The application under test [Matrix] crashes, if the Test Studio recorder is attached and we execute a specific click step that opens a Save Dialog. The process to reproduce it is with Run -> To Here on the previous step and then Run -> Selected Steps on the problematic step.

The application under test freezes and ultimately crashes. There is no issue if we execute the whole test, or execute it with Run -> To Here after the problematic step.

Last Updated: 03 Aug 2022 13:23 by Amanda

When generating chained find expressions Test Studio always uses the id tribute for the parent element and it doesn't take into account the actual order of attributes.

Then, if you completely remove the id from the find logic list settings, the generated find expression uses only TagIndex for the target element and no chained find expression. 

Generating this type of expressions need to be revised. 

Example shared internally!

Last Updated: 02 Aug 2022 12:04 by Simon
Created by: Simon
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Type: Bug Report

MaskedInput date field behaves inconsistently when automating the control. The type text action often types all numbers in the currently active part of the date (the year for example).

The workaround is to identify the exact sequence of actions, which allows entering the text correctly - for example, click on the input, press the Home key, press the Delete key to remove the current date, enter the desired date. 

It will be great to improve the steps recorded out-of-the-box for that type of control.

Specifics shared internally. 

Last Updated: 21 Jul 2022 07:43 by Frank

We have a dynamic test list that includes several tests based on specific criteria. We executed this test list remotely once, but later decided to delete a few of the tests from the project. 

The dynamic test list shows the correct set of tests that should be executed, but when we execute it remotely, we noticed that the previously deleted tests were still executing.

There is no way to sync the current project with the storage server and the only workaround was to drop the project, tests and test lists from the MongoDB.

Last Updated: 14 Jul 2022 08:44 by Harry

Verification for OuterMarkup is failing after the original recorded steps is converted to coded step. The workaround is to add a Wait for Exists step against the target element either as a recorded step or in the coded step. 

Sample code for wait step:


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