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Our manufacturing floor needs to have unprintable characters encoded in the data matrix in our reports, so that our plant controllers can receive instructions.  The characters I'm speaking about are things like the Record Separator (ASCII 1E), Group Separator (ASCII 1D), and End of Transmission (ASCII 4).  


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Created by: Shannon
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Pasting a HEX value to  a report item whose color has not been set before leads to the error:

"An error has occurred. NaN is not a valid value for Int32."

The workaround is to set the color of that property through the ColorPicker control before attempting to paste the new HEX color. If a color has been selected before, the issue is not present.

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Unable to get report parameters.
An error has occurred.
Type: Telerik.Reporting.ReportSerialization.Current.ReportSerializable`1[Telerik.Reporting.Report]
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The base Implementation of ReportDesignerControllerBase.RenderPictureBoxAsync does not consider the configured IDefinitionStorage and respectively its IDefinitionStorage.BaseDir property.
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You can have the three styles in HtmlTextBox. For example:

<strong>bold</strong>, <em>italics</em> , <span style="text-decoration: underline">underling</span>

However, if you use expression, for example:

= IIF( Parameters.Parameter1.Value , "<strong>bold</strong>, <em>italics</em> , <span style="text-decoration: underline">underling</span>","some bold text ")

Then the expression cannot be evaluated and an error is thrown.


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The config.Routes.MapHttpRoute("ApiDefault", firstPathSegment + "/{controller}/{action}"); defined in ReportsControllerConfiguration.RegisterRoutes hides other matching route patterns registered after it - for example  api/{controller}/{id} will not be matched, because it has the same route pattern.
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I have a Windows Forms application that references a Reports_Library.dll that contains my CLR reports.  I want to use the ReportBook in VS, so I followed all of the online tutorials.  However, I'm having an issue using the ReportBook.  

My Steps:

  1. Create a new form
  2. Add a Report Viewer to the form (I don't add any report source to the viewer at this time)
  3. I add a ReportBook to the form and a dialog box appears with the title of "Report Sources..."  I click on "New" and then I click on "Type name".  From there I click the drop-down under "Select a Report Type" and there are no options...  Usually, when following this procedure with a ReportViewer, there is an option that says <Select Report Document>.  I click on that and then choose my document from the Reports Library.  However, I don't have the option to do that because the drop-down is blank.
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DataPointStyle's initial color is displayed as Black but the color is actually Transparent and if I try to set borders between the data points on my graph, they cannot be seen. 

Reselecting a color fixes the issue.

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As soon as we enable Accessibility, the parameter area will not be displayed anymore. You can reproduce the issue with the Demo Project when using a Custom Parameter Editor.
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Exporting a report as PDF produces a corrupted file as soon as it reaches 2GB or more in file size. Available client memory should have been enough and was not at its limit. We have built the application as x64.

We use large-sized image files in the reports.

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Scheduled for R3 2021 SP1


I am using the Blazor Web Report Designer on a page that is not the default route, i.e. "/". When I am at step 2 in the WebServiceDataSource wizard to add parameters, if I click the Add Parameter button it routes to the home page. 

I believe this is caused by the href="#' empty route. Below is an animation of what I mean. This is also reproduced in the BlazorIntegrationDemo in the installation directory.


ea14844d-c61e-4dd7-a8c4-151c472ba700_add-parameter-click-issue.gif (1920×866)

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Scheduled for R3 2021 SP1
When using a report parameter of type Float, and there is no value for decimal places, or it is 0, it appears as if the parameter value passed to the runtime is converted to an integer value, and an "Invalid value for parameter <paramName>" is logged. 
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If there is an error when connecting to the database there will be no data returned and instead of displaying an informative error message, the report will be displayed as 'No page to display' by the designer/viewer, or exported as a corrupted document by the ReportProcessor.
The error will be displayed when SkipBlankPages is False.
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Scheduled for R3 2021 SP1

The default value of the report property SkipBlankPages is True and when there is an error in the report, for example, due to a problem with the connection to the database, the error message may be hidden as the report is not rendered at all.

The report should be rendered in order to display the error message also when SkipBlankPages is True.

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Not sure if you are aware of this but the new property SkipBlankPages in 2021/R1 will result in a corrupt (unopenable) PDF/XLS if the report contains no data.

The output used to be a blank report.

This behaviour is fixed by setting the Value to 'False' but this now requires the developer to remember to set this value on each new report. Perhaps the default should have stayed as 'False' and those who wish to remove blank pages could set it to true.

We are aware the property is set to true by default.

We have now had to modify (and subsequently retest) > 100 reports.

The generator should probably not create a 'corrupt' file in these cases.

Kind regards

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we changed our reporting service to .NET Core and now the Backgroundcolor for some alternating lines are not visible in HTML5 viewer.

In exported PDF they are...

I change the backgroundcolor from custom like <Style BackgroundColor="240, 240, 240" /> to <Style BackgroundColor="Control" /> which is working fine.

But i can see difference in color of HTML5 report and pdf report.

What can i do to have it working like before, i mean i want to use it like this again <Style BackgroundColor="240, 240, 240" /> if possible.

PS:We are running our service on a Linux Docker-container

Best regards



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The Margins property cannot be set in the Blazor wrapper of the Web Report Designer:


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I like the new open dialog for the Web Report Designer, but now my report names are all truncated and I can't tell what anything is.  Can you please off a list view in the Open Dialog so all my names aren't "Company R..."


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Any time I double-click in the HTML text box in the attached report and then click the text to start editing it, I get this error:

Telerik Report Designer
Unable to cast COM object of type 'System.__ComObject' to interface type 'mshtml.IHTMLTxtRange'. This operation failed because the QueryInterface call on the COM component for the interface with IID '{3050F220-98B5-11CF-BB82-00AA00BDCE0B}' failed due to the following error: No such interface supported (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80004002 (E_NOINTERFACE)).
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The issue is caused by an issue in the SQL DataSource Wizard that doesn't provide the correct Data Provider name. In the wizard on the first page, the Data Provider must be MySql.Data.MySqlClient, but the option is limited only to MySql.Data. Since the engine cannot determine the type of the data provider by that name, it falls back to System.Data.SqlClient and claims that "Port" is not a supported keyword.

The workaround is to avoid using the SQL DataSource wizard and edit the data source properties directly in the properties grid. You can check the attached silent video that demonstrates how to do so.
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