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I am trying to get a basic example of the Web Report Designer working following the guide here but I keep getting this error message

in the console, I can see these errors

here is the razor page that contains the WebReportDesigner

@page "/report-designer"

@attribute [Authorize]

@using Telerik.WebReportDesigner.Blazor

<WebReportDesigner DesignerId="wrd1"
                   ToolboxArea="new ToolboxAreaOptions() { Layout = ToolboxAreaLayout.List }"
                   PropertiesArea="new PropertiesAreaOptions() { Layout = PropertiesAreaLayout.Categorized }" />

Any assistance would be appreciated

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Last Updated: 09 Aug 2022 12:40 by Aleksandar

I display the WPF Report Viewer control in a closable tab. To free the resources I invoke DisposeViewerResources on tab close as described here:

However, I see the following dialog every time. There is no way to capture this error or suppress the dialog.

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When the PDF rendering extension has its "enableAccessibility" setting set to true, the text in the produced document cannot be selected using the Select Tool from the Adobe Acrobat Reader context menu. The text can be selected in other PDF readers like Foxit PDF Reader. The text is also selectable in Adobe Acrobat Reader when the document is created without enabling the accessibility features.

Last Updated: 08 Aug 2022 11:34 by sisindry

Please see the attached report for a reproduction of this behavior.

As you can see, the crosstab has only one row group in the group explorer which has its PageBreak property set to None. However, in the report explorer, you can see a greyed out row group I deleted with PageBreak=After which results in page breaks being inserted even though the group was supposedly deleted. In order to reproduce this, it appears that you have to first delete the column only and then delete the group, and you are left with a grey "ghost group" in the report explorer. If I delete both at once this does not seem to happen. I'm on version

Last Updated: 08 Aug 2022 06:15 by Dewey

Some corner case page size value force report processing to create an invalid page clipping during paging. 

Workaround: If you encounter such scenario, please experiment with changing the page size to another value, which is close to the original one.

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Release R2 2022 SP1 (Latest Internal Build)

It seems that the MultiSelect Combo Box Filtering does not work in the Report Viewer. o be smaller if the user starts typing

example of how it is removed

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Release R2 2022 SP1 (Latest Internal Build)

Trying to preview a report with a lot of data in the report viewer in an ASP.NET Core application results in the error:

"System.ArgumentException: The JSON value of length n is too large and not supported."

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Release R2 2022 SP1 (Latest Internal Build)
When I try and create Report1.trdp that already exists in the Web Report Designer definition storage, an Internal Server Error is thrown by Telerik.WebReportDesigner.Services when I debug the designer service. If I continue the execution, the existing Report1.trdp gets overwritten by the new one.
Last Updated: 04 Aug 2022 09:17 by Wayne Hiller
There seems to be no way to create a Style Rule with Style Selector in the Web Designer. The only option available is Type.
Last Updated: 04 Aug 2022 07:24 by Doyeong
The SVG image from a PictureBox is displayed cut in the Html Viewer. When exporting to PDF it is fully shown.
Last Updated: 26 Jul 2022 08:10 by Dominik

If you add the 'kendo.common.min.css' that is required for the Html5 Viewer to the page with the Web Report Designer, the latter Menu styles get broken.

Due to this, if you need to have both the viewer and the designer in the same project and cannot have scoped styles, the appearance of one of them will be broken.

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Created by: Aleksandar
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Type: Bug Report

It takes 2+ seconds between "info" polls to the server. This should be a much smaller interval. Maybe .5 or .25 seconds.

Telerik's own ReportClient example shows a 500ms interval between info polls...

        private static byte[] GetDocument(ReportClient restServiceClient, string instanceId, string documentId)
            bool documentProcessing;
                Thread.Sleep(500);// wait before next Info request
                documentProcessing = restServiceClient.DocumentIsProcessing(instanceId, documentId);
            } while (documentProcessing);

            byte[] pdfDocumentBytes = restServiceClient.GetDocument(instanceId, documentId);

            return pdfDocumentBytes;

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Last Updated: 22 Jul 2022 09:34 by ADMIN
I have prepared and localized a report successfully in the Standalone Designer. When I opened and modified it in the Web Designer, it lost all localization information. The Localized property was also reset to False.
Last Updated: 12 Jul 2022 18:06 by Joshua
Release R1 2021

The path for window.kendo in initExpDeps.js is incorrect. This does not always lead to error. When there's an error it can be the following:

Module not found: Error: Can't resolve '.\telerikReportViewer.kendo.min'" in "ERROR in ./node_modules/@progress/telerik-angular-report-viewer/dist/dependencies/initExtDeps.js

Last Updated: 11 Jul 2022 11:40 by n/a

Bindings to the TitleStyle property of a ToC section result in the following error:

 Bindings error - The value of property 'TitleStyle' is null

Last Updated: 05 Jul 2022 01:50 by William

React Report Viewer throws error ts(7016) on importing it in a TypeScript project:

Could not find a declaration file for module '@progress/telerik-react-report-viewer/dist/cjs/main'. 'C:/Users/dnikolov/Desktop/ReactTypesScript/my-app/node_modules/@progress/telerik-react-report-viewer/dist/cjs/main.js' implicitly has an 'any' type.
  Try `npm i --save-dev @types/progress__telerik-react-report-viewer` if it exists or add a new declaration (.d.ts) file containing `declare module '@progress/telerik-react-report-viewer/dist/cjs/main';`

Last Updated: 04 Jul 2022 12:11 by ADMIN

Clicking the cancel button on the HTML5 report viewer show "Report processing was canceled" in the UI but the report is still being generated and rendered on the server.

In this old thread it is stated that it isn't possible to cancel the report generation on the server. Is that still the case?

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Created by: Yip
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Type: Bug Report

Telerik report is showing error -

Method Name: Telerik.reporting.PictureBox.Set_Value - Parameter is not valid. 

 Above highlighted line gives an error during component initialize.

It was working earlier, but now showing this error, even there is no code change. Please help.


Your help is highly appreciated.

Jeetendra Kumar


Last Updated: 28 Jun 2022 08:16 by Tommy
Bindings are not available when multiple report items are selected in the Web Report Designer
Last Updated: 22 Jun 2022 14:54 by Charles

 In the Word rendering, there is sometimes space between the footer and the body of the document.


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