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Created on: 21 Jul 2020 17:16
Type: Feature Request
Whitelabeling - more granular options needed

The Whitelabeling option are extremely limited.

I would like to see more customization available like removing the sidebar completely, or based on user settings / roles - as well as the top title bar (where logo is).

Customizable themes would go a long way.

Being able to integrate the existing report server pages into our own website would cut down on a lot of work.


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Posted on: 28 Jul 2020 15:04


I see your point and I will discuss your requirements with our developers and UX designer. As I understand from your post, you would like to have an option for the sidebar visibility and the header visibility in the white labeling settings, am I right?

Regarding the needed customization, what I can suggest is adding a new css file containing the following styles:

#header_wrapper { 
        height: 0px; 
        min-height: 0px; 
        visibility: collapse; 

#menu_wrapper { 
        visibility: collapse; 

and add it after all other styles in [Installation Path]\Telerik Report Server\Telerik.ReportServer.Web\Views\Shared\_MainLayout.cshtml

However I am not sure how you would navigate if you collapse the sidebar. Also such changes could lead to unexpected behavior.

You can use also the following article as reference for customization in Report Server.

Please let me know if you need further assistance with this, I will follow-up later after the discussion happens.

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