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I was on a remote web session with an engineer and we discovered that the Scheduler UI isn't saving the changed password to the database. 

The environment that I use is below. 

  • Report Server is installed in an Azure Virtual Machine
    • IIS is bound to ports 443 and 83
  • The SMTP Service is on RackSpace
  • The storage is located in SQL Server

The steps to reproduce are as follows.

  1. Change the Password
  2. Save the Changes
  3. Send Test
  4. Receive Error output

During the Remote Web Assistance Session, we tried a Gmail SMTP server and received the same results. 

We also enabled tracing and noticed an error in the event logs which I will attach here. 

Please let me know if you need any additional information.

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Last Updated: 19 Oct 2020 18:23 by ADMIN
Currently the accessToken expires in 30min and cannot be controlled. Please, make this expiration time configurable.
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Created by: Peter
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Research and enable support for Azure App Services. Additionally, provide Report Server deployment through the Azure marketplace 
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Created by: Peter
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Currently, the Reports view is loading slowly when hundreds of reports are viewed. Optimize the Reports view for servers that manage enormous lists of reports.
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When a user that has only read permissions logs in and stars a report, the starring disappears after a refresh of the page or when the user logs out.
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Created by: rho
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Import sql server reporting (rdl) files
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> Ability to build directories for storing reports; and allow assigning user permissions per user.
> So, Application A, will have its reports in Directory A; Application B, will have its reports in Directory B.
> It will be a plus if you support a hierarchy or sub-directories.
> It will be a plus if you add user group, to be assign by group.
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Last Updated: 13 Sep 2016 11:26 by Garry
One of the biggest draw backs I am having while pitching the Telerik reporting products is the amount of work that would be involved in converting our existing report libraries to the Telerik reporting format. You all have some conversion capability built into the Telerik Reporting Designer, but it is so limited that we rarely find a report that we can use it with. I know you all have a disclaimer stating that as the case. However when I am trying to persuade my peers to take a look at your reporting products that single scenario is the one that I can never win and rightfully so.

I would really love to either see operability within your reporting server to be able to schedule and distribute a multitude of report formats such as SRSS, Active Reports, and Crystal or a much more reliable and feature rich converter.