Last Updated: 13 Jun 2024 12:43 by ADMIN

In the production environment, there is no option to clear the Redis database after each redeploying/restarting of the applications (ex. k8s with many pods).

The are many reasons:

  • this database can be used for other purposes, but you deprecate RedisStorage with a separate database selection
  • more complex deploy/restart operations with additional steps to clear Redis
  • users can use Reporting at this moment

Please add TTL option for RedisStorage in ReportServiceConfiguration

Last Updated: 04 Aug 2020 14:27 by ADMIN
The Migration tool updates the source storage instance to its own version prior to migration process. This might cause issues in scenarios where an older version of Report Server storage is used in production and the migration is performed using a newer version of Migration tool. The tool must show a confirmation dialog and wait for input from user before modifying the source storage.