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Could the 'From' email address in Preview Email functionality be self populated from the 'Mail Server' SMTP settings in configuration?

This way the users do not need to a) remember the email address; and b) type it each time they are emailing a report.
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Last Updated: 15 Oct 2019 15:06 by ADMIN
Created by: Greg
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Type: Feature Request
In many cases one can't simply ask users to download an installed report builder. The reports should be buildable in a web based tool.
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Created by: Mhd.Ahd
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Type: Feature Request
I'm using Crystal Enterprise for a longtime, and would like to replace it with that tool.
 On of the most useful feature is scheduling (for time-hungry reports, that takes more than 20 minutes to be generated).

It will be a plus if you add:
* The ability to choose the Execution start time, and frequancy; and to enable or disable the schedule job without lossing it.
* Add a menu item called "Schedule Jobs", to view all schedule jobs of any accessible report (per profile; Admin can see all categories by profiles).
* The ability to execute on-demond (execute disabled or enabled schedules for prepared parameters).
* The ability to sign the generated PDF.
* The ability to send generated PDF to mail (one or more), and to set the mail subject and body.
* nerated PDF to folder (local, remote with auth) or FTP.The ability to save the ge
* The ability to view schedule execution history, and view its result; and Add option to clear old results.
* No "time out" for longer generation process.
* Schedule jobs queued per user profiles;
* Admin can set priority to user profiles (to execute queued jobs), and can cancel jobs.