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Created by: Milen
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As a user utilizing the Report Server product, I need to use a single instance of it to serve two or more completely separated divisions/clients so that they do not have access to each other's assets, so that I do not have to make two different deployments of the server and support them. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Multitenancy
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Created by: n/a
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Functionality for capturing user activity like executing reports from viewers or through the Report Server Web API.

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Created by: Marcellus
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The ability to render a report based on the subscriber that will be receiving the report. The ability to use a subscriber e-mail address (or ether data item) as a parameter in the report so that the subscriber receives a customized report without having to create a new subscription and hard code parameters for each recipient.
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Could the 'From' email address in Preview Email functionality be self populated from the 'Mail Server' SMTP settings in configuration?

This way the users do not need to a) remember the email address; and b) type it each time they are emailing a report.
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Created by: Greg
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Type: Feature Request
In many cases one can't simply ask users to download an installed report builder. The reports should be buildable in a web based tool.
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Created by: Peter
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Type: Feature Request

Reports with resources for different languages should be rendered with the language resources and client culture.

  • Preview - render the reports according to the browser settings/language;
  • Scheduled Reports and Data Alerts - language/culture option is needed for every recipient;
  • Server API - have to accept device info or language/culture option;
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Last Updated: 09 Oct 2019 14:50 by Anthony
It would be nice if I could automatically trigger a report from the report server based on some action in my application.  For example, when a user closers a transaction, if it could send a summary report directly to the user.
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We are using multivalue parameter, for one of the parameters when we are selecting all the values we are getting error "An error has occurred while processing Report 'Audit and Score report': Response status code does not indicate success: 404 (Not Found)." but if we are unselecting 7-8 values from that parameter then we are getting data in the report. The length of the URL while selecting all the values is 2127 after unselecting few values total length of the URL is 2033.
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Please consider adding support for storage on other RDBMS in addition to MSSQL. Notable- MySQL, Maria, PostGre, and Oracle should be supported.
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In a Report that has a Report Parameter with AvailableValues fetched from a database, and the connection string to the database is not registered in the Data Connections of the Report Server, upon setting up a scheduled task for the Report, the parameters are not recognized and the message "There are no parameters in the selected report. Error shown. Throwing promises chain stop error." is displayed in the Reports tab.
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We have configured our Report Server Application Pool to run in 64-bit mode, to enable the server to utilize more available memory on the server, which has helped with some particularly large reports that were previously erroring out. However, when scheduling the same reports, it seems the Report Server Service Agent has the same issue, as it runs in 32-bit mode and we are frequently the error "Error details: Exception of type 'System.OutOfMemoryException' was thrown". Is there a way to configure the Service Agent in 64-bit mode?


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We have standardized the usage of Central Identity System across applications using OAuth and OpenId connect based https://identityserver.io/.

As a report editor, I want to authenticate to report server frontend using IdentityServer.io Single sign on. 

As IdentityServer is .net server core based, we would like ReportServer also .net core based to support non-windows hosting scenario.

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      I would like to be able to search within the report datasource on the right hand side of the viewer.  I have a lot of fields to search.

Thank you.
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In order to provide better data-driven subscriptions implementation, the subscribers of a Scheduled Task or Data Alert should be modified dynamically. Currently they are a static list of emails, which is not convenient when a report must be sent to a whole group of users in an organization, because the group members can constantly fluctuate.
Report Server should provide the option to declare an external data retrieval service in the ST/DA subscribers list. This service could be a REST API endpoint or a file path that will return the list with the subscriber emails.
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Created by: Mhd.Ahd
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Type: Feature Request
I'm using Crystal Enterprise for a longtime, and would like to replace it with that tool.
 On of the most useful feature is scheduling (for time-hungry reports, that takes more than 20 minutes to be generated).

It will be a plus if you add:
* The ability to choose the Execution start time, and frequancy; and to enable or disable the schedule job without lossing it.
* Add a menu item called "Schedule Jobs", to view all schedule jobs of any accessible report (per profile; Admin can see all categories by profiles).
* The ability to execute on-demond (execute disabled or enabled schedules for prepared parameters).
* The ability to sign the generated PDF.
* The ability to send generated PDF to mail (one or more), and to set the mail subject and body.
* nerated PDF to folder (local, remote with auth) or FTP.The ability to save the ge
* The ability to view schedule execution history, and view its result; and Add option to clear old results.
* No "time out" for longer generation process.
* Schedule jobs queued per user profiles;
* Admin can set priority to user profiles (to execute queued jobs), and can cancel jobs.
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Gives the users ability to set all the Telerik Report Viewer options in the Configuration page. At the moment only a few options are exposed.
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After changing the culture settings on the server machine to EN-GB (which should display the date in dd/MM/yyyy format), the Preview of the report parameters still shows the date format as default, in US format (MM/dd/yyyy).

However, I would not expect to have modified the code to fix this, it should be a configurable option and/or take local server formatting.

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Currently Report Viewers are authenticated against Report Server using username and password. It will be useful to add another authentication method that uses registered Federation users similarly to the approach used by Standalone Report Designer.
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How can I reduce the number of report revisions?

I see that there is an API for this but I was hoping that this could be done via the Report Server UI or the Report Designer UI.

Rob Miller
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Created by: Sanjeev Musafir
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Type: Feature Request
Some of my reports with large data take long time to run, and so we are considering scheduling these in the Telerik Server. How do we retrieve the output of these scheduled reports. I want to display the scheduled reports in my angular application. Will the reports be run and the outputs in pdf/excel be stored on the server from where they can be pickedpicked up and shown to the viewer?
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