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Created on: 16 Sep 2018 06:54
Type: Bug Report
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Thank you for adding this feature.

I tested this feature and found that emails were not being delivered to email addresses in the 'CC' email address field.

Furthermore, would it be possible to look in to these options?
1. Add 'BCC' email address field option
2. Add multiple email addresses under 'MAIL SERVER' in Configuration - This will allow us to add SMTP email services for multiple companies / clients, which can then be utilised in the 'FROM' email field in the Preview Report Email feature.

It is great that Telerik takes on feedback and is continuously updating the software to provide an excellent service to its users.

Thank you.
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Posted on: 20 May 2019 15:00
Hi Shalabh,

The described bug is fixed in the following release:

Thank you for the additional feedback.
#1 We decided to skip the BCC field to simplify the UI for the end user. Now I added this as a separate feature request so that we can track the interest (please vote there):
#2 This one seems to be part of eventual multi-tenancy feature, so please vote, comment there:

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