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Created on: 17 Oct 2017 08:15
Type: Feature Request
User Permissions - Hide or Show Reports together with Read Access
I extensively use sub reports with drill-down, drill-through actions and to fetch data, into the main report, extracted from different datasets based on a set of certain parameters.

When I upload these reports to the server, I assign main and sub reports to two separate categories 'Main' and 'SubR' so that I can manage reports and users' permissions accordingly.

Currently, it is not possible to 'hide' the reports under 'SubR' category for a user so that all the sub reports are hidden from view, leaving visibility of main reports only for that user.

I tried by restricting user's access to the category 'SubR' so that sub reports are not visible in the list and avoid confusion from user's perspective. But when I restrict user's access to the category 'SubR', all the main reports that contain sub reports do not run correctly and start displaying 'unable to access subreport1...' error. The same error comes up if I have included a report in the main report, accessible by drill-through action.

I would like to request for a functionality to 'Hide / Display' reports in conjunction with 'Read' access to the reports. This will provide further granularity to the way the reports can be made accessible and still be hidden from view.
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Posted on: 07 Dec 2017 13:08
Hi, I believe a proper name for such permission would be Browse. Thank you for your input.