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The exception can be observed when you a plot data point with value that falls outside of the range of the Decimal type.

As a workaround you can coerce the data before give it to the chart.
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When the CartesianPlotBand annotation is bound to the vertical axis its 'From' value doesn't align with the axis.
This changes when resizing.
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Gaps appear between the bars in the stacks when the series are populated with negative and positive values. Check the attached picture.

If you have a scenario with mixed values (positive and negative) use RangeBarSeries instead of BarSeries.
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When a System.Windows.Interactivity.EventTrigger is attached to a ChartTrackBallBehavior a XamlParseException is thrown. A possible work-around for this would be to set the CommandParameter to be the parent collection of the behavior and not the behavior itself.
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When the values of the data points have great values and the axis has a very small manual range, the Path element does not render correctly and is at times not visible at all.

A possible way to resolve this is to use the Direct2DRenderOptions. The different render modes use a completely different rendering logic.
 <telerik:Direct2DRenderOptions />
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This reproduces when the axis' SmartLabelMode is enabled. For example, set to SmartStep. 

See the attached video.

As a workaround you can disable the smart label mode and manually calculate the range when zooming. You can use its Minimum, Maximum, MajorStep and MajorStepUnit properties.
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An InvalidCastException is thrown in the Fill/Background property binding in the series' DefaultVisualStyle when the RenderOptions is set to Bitmap or Direct2D.
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The exception is reproduced only if the Visibility is initially bound to a property that returns Collapsed.

This can be reproduce with the chart indicators that derives from LineIndicatorBase. For example, MovingAverageIndicator or MomentumIndicator.

To resolve this you can bind the Opacity property instead of Visibility.
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This is reproducible only when the chart's automation peers are used. For example, they are used by default when you use the chart on a touch screen. Or when an accessibility tool is used on the application with the chart.

You can work it around by disabling the auto peers (http://docs.telerik.com/devtools/wpf/common-ui-automation).

AutomationManager.AutomationMode = AutomationMode.Disabled;
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Some of the data points plotted in the chart are not positioned as expected in a scenario with DateTimeContinuousAxis with SmartLabelsMode=SmartStep and PlotMode=OnTicksPadded or BetweenTicks.
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PlotArea occasionally stops refreshing in live data scenario with asynchronous updates (multithreading).
Last Updated: 03 Jan 2017 21:22 by Magnus
Create  a chartview with a linear axis, set minvalue to 2014-11-21, max = 2014-11-24, create a series with only one datapoint with a date=2014-11-23.
The barchart graph will show a nice bar, but the X-axis will show you 2014-11-21, although the datapoint is for 2014-11-23!
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Depending on the zoom level and height of chart, sometimes the first (bottom) label of the chart is not rendered when the vertical axis is a categorical one and the plot mode is BetweenTicks or OnTicksPadded. 
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ChartView: InvalidCastException is thrown when using series provider and the property that provides the series' Type is declared in an abstract class
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The exception is reproducible when the chart contains series with RenderOptions=Direct2DRenderOptions.

The error message is:

HRESULT: [0x8876086A], Module: [SharpDX.Direct3D9], ApiCode: [D3DERR_NOTAVAILABLE/NotAvailable], Message: Unknown
Last Updated: 04 Jan 2017 07:34 by ADMIN
MovingAverageIndicator doesn't recalculate its data points when a new item is added in its ItemsSource at runtime

To update the data points of the indicator reset its Period property when a new item is added in the ItemsSource. For example:

// add new item
var indicator = chart.Indicators[0] as MovingAverageIndicator;
var period = indicator.Period;
indicator.Period = 0;
indicator.Period = period;
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In a multiple series scenario if one series gets removed, an internal axis flag is incorrectly reset resulting in the horizontal axis displaying only one label when SmartLabelsMode is used. One way to work-around this is to add an empty dummy series after removing a real series:

            if (this.chart1.Series.Count > 0)
                this.chart1.Series.RemoveAt(this.chart1.Series.Count - 1);
                if (this.chart1.Series.Count > 0)
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The data points are not rendered when the series' axis is set at runtime through a DataTrigger in the series' style. 

Note: The data points are rendered when the chart is resized or zoomed.

Change the resource type in the DataTrigger that changes the axis - instead of DynamicResource, use StaticResource. 

    <Style TargetType="telerik:LineSeries">
            <DataTrigger Binding="{Binding Path=Axis}" Value="Left">
                <Setter Property="VerticalAxis" Value="{StaticResource AxisLeft}"/>
            <DataTrigger Binding="{Binding Path=Axis}" Value="Right">
                <Setter Property="VerticalAxis" Value="{StaticResource AxisRight}"/>
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Workaround: Bind the UpStroke and DownStroke properties of the Candlestick via custom style (which is set to the DefaultVisualStyle property) to properties from the model. Then in the setter of the Close property, can set different color depending on whether the Close is less than Open property.
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